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Know your Skin Type

Having a good understanding of your skin type is vital when it comes to choosing the right products to care for and heal your skin.

When products designed to heal one skin type are used on another, the effects of the product can be non-existent, or cause an unwanted reaction like breakouts or acne.

Certain ingredients suit different skin types better than others, so it's important to be aware of what your skin type is so you can avoid ingredients in products that you are sensitive to or aren't compatible with your skin type - think comedogenic (pore-clogging) oils in skin care products for people with oily skin - it just doesn't work.

Below we will outline the features of each skin type so you can identify which category sounds like you! If you still aren't sure after reading below, we recommend booking in with a Qualified Beauty Therapist or Esthetician (skin specialist) for a skin analysis.

Oily Skin

People with oily skin over-produce oil (or sebum). Because of this, they have a tendency to experience grease and shine on their face, have large pores, visible blackheads and whiteheads and be prone to hard-to-treat breakouts. Acne on oily skin often looks red, shiny, blemished and inflamed. People with oily skin require products that balance oil production and prevent breakouts.

The Salty Babe products that we recommend for oily skin are:

  • Yeppoon-Pine Enzyme Gel Cleanser

  • Yeppoon-Pine Enzyme Toning Mist

  • Yeppoon-Pine Enzyme Moisturiser

  • Yeppoon-Pine Blemish Spot Remover

  • Cooee-Clear Vitamin B Serum

Dry Skin

People with dry skin produce less oil (or sebum) than normal skin making it appear tight, rough and flaky and feel itchy and irritated. People with dry skin may be more likely to experience wrinkles. Those with dry skin find it difficult to retain moisture and very often, the deeper layers of the skin are moisture depleted. Their skin is often vulnerable to external environmental elements because it cannot build an effective shield to protect it. People with dry skin require deeply nourishing products that both moisturise, prevent water loss and preserve the skin.

The Salty Babe products that we recommend for Dry Skin are:

  • Wild-Byfield Native Milk Cleanser

  • Wild-Byfield Native Toning Mist

  • Wild-Byfield Native Moisturiser

  • Keppel Cool Hyaluronic Acid Serum

  • Keppel Cool Cooling Eye Gel

  • Keppel Cool Hydrating Gel Mask Shop Wild Byfield Native Trio Here

Combination Skin

Combination skin features more than one skin type (for example, both oily and dry skin may be present on different areas of the face). Very often, those with combination skin experience different skin challenges in their t-zone than they do on their cheeks and around their eyes (eg. have an oily t-zone and a dry cheek/eye area). People with combination skin require products that balance the production of oil and bring it into harmony.

The Salty Babe products that we recommend for Combination Skin are:

  • Yeppoon-Pine Enzyme Gel Cleanser

  • Yeppoon-Pine Enzyme Toning Mist

  • Yeppoon-Pine Enzyme Moisturiser or Wild-Byfield Native Moisturiser

  • Cooee-Clear Vitamin B Serum

  • Keppel Cool Cooling Eye Gel

Normal Skin

‘Normal skin’ is a term widely used to refer to skin that is well balanced. People with normal skin rarely experience oiliness or dryness. When skin concerns do arise, they are generally easy and quick to treat. Those with normal skin tend to have small pores, exhibit few lines and wrinkles, little to no blemishes, an even skin tone and lack excess shine. People with normal skin require products that help to maintain their skin health and protect it against external environmental factors.

The Salty Babe products that we recommend for Normal Skin are:

  • Any of our products.

  • Choose products with listed benefits that particularly appeal to you; like having added brightening or cell renewal properties to maintain a healthy complexion.

Sensitive Skin

Those with sensitive skin often experience irritation, inflammation and redness. Their skin may be more sensitive to products and environmental conditions than those with other types of skin. People with sensitive skin generally respond well to natural skincare products, as opposed to cosmeceuticals which can contain harsh ingredients. They require products that are gentle, calming and protective.

The Salty Babe products that we recommend for Sensitive Skin are:

All of our skincare products are designed with natural ingredients and can be safely used on sensitive skin - however, some people may be sensitive to particular essential oils that many of our products contain - so please read over the ingredients before purchasing and avoid any products containing known irritants. Patch testing on a small area of your body 24-48 hours before trying on your face is always a good idea.

All skin types should use an exfoliator 1-2 times per week, avoiding however if there are inflamed or open areas on the skin - until they have healed. The Salty Babe Exfoliating Crystals are able to be added to any cleanser, making them versatile across all skin types.

For more information on our products and full ingredients list, please visit our website:

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