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If you love The Salty Babe Co and enjoy creating engaging content for your audience, we want to work with you!

Our brand requires ambassadors who authentically embody our brand identity, share our values and ethics, radiate confidence in their uniqueness, and lead lifestyles aligned with the promotion of personal care. Whether you are passionate about health, fitness & an active lifestyle, advocate for organic or natural living, or embrace the coastal lifestyle - and are also enthusiastic about using conscious beauty products, we invite you to join our ambassador program.

If this sounds like it suits you babe, read on!

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Ambassadors help to raise brand awareness and increase revenue goals for The Salty Babe Co. in exchange for perks and benefits. Ambassadors will have an active, broad social media influence on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, YouTube,Twitter, Blogs or other media avenues, and will promote our brand and products to our target audience.

We also invite any collaboration ideas - we love networking with like minded people and businesses!


1. Complete the online enquiry form below.


2. If we believe you are a match, we will contact you & send instructions on how to join the program*

3. Once approved, you get to create engaging content featuring our products on your social networks (via stories, posts, pictures, videos, blogs etc)

4. Earn commission on every sale made from your individual referral link or coupon code (you are given these on application approval)*

* Terms & Conditions apply. Applications open to Australian residents 18+ years and older.


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